Pricing Packages and Fees

The consultation fees are straightforward, though I can design a tailored package for you if you require. Laboratory tests or nutritional supplements are not included, but any costs would be discussed with you. Cancellation fees (within 48h) are 50% of the consultation fee.

Whether you are looking for one-to-one nutritional support for yourself or a loved one, you can take advantage of a complimentary 15 minutes discovery call to ask any questions you may have prior to booking a consultation. Book below page. 

Therapie Nutritionelle

Programmes de santé

Private Chef Service

Culinary Nutritionist Chef Service

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1:1 Consultation

Comment nous travaillons et ce que nos services fournissent.

Thérapie nutritionnelle

Comprendre les avantages de la thérapie nutritionnelle.

Programmes de santé

Le portofolio de nos programmes sanitaire qui changent la vie.

Nutrition culinaire

Our specialised culinary nutrition services.